In The Scene: Jane Campion

In The Scene: Jane Campion

Publication: MARCH 2016
ISBN: 978-0-9932207-2-2
Price: £9.99
Extent: 200
Size: 129mm x 198mm
Including b/w photographs
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In The Scene: Jane Campion

Ellen Cheshire

  • First in our new series of introductory guides to contemporary filmmakers
  • A Must for film fans and students, especially those interested in women and film
  • Covers all Campion’s films from her early short films to the recent TV series Top of the Lake (2013). Top of the Lake season 2 will be filmed in 2016 with press coverage.
  • Oscar winner for her screenplay for The Piano, she is one of only 4 women nominated for an Oscar for Directing.

The book:

Jane Campion is one of the few women film-makers working today who has managed to create a unique body of work. A true independent film-maker, yet she has attracted ‘A’ List Hollywood superstars to appear in her films.

Who else but Jane Campion could have convinced a tattooed Harvey Keitel to run buck-naked through the New Zealand landscape in The Piano, or for the multi-award winning Kate Winslet to pee down her legs in the middle of the desert in Holy Smoke?

Campion is an outspoken champion in recent debates about the lack of women in senior creative positions within the film industry.

This book will cover Jane Campion’s remarkable career from her Palme D’or winning debut short film Peel to her recent return to television with the Top of the Lake, reflecting on the influence of her study in anthropology as well as her

formative years growing up in New Zealand.

The author:

Ellen has written books on Jane Campion, Audrey Hepburn, the Coen Bros and Bio-Pics; and contributed to books on War Movies, Fantasy Film, Silent Cinema, Counterculture, James Bond and Charlie Chaplin.


Praise for previous work:

Re: Ang Lee, Pocket Essentials, November 2001

“As the label ‘Pocket Essentials’ indicates, this book covers all you really need to know about someone who is rapidly becoming one of the major directors at work nowadays.”  -

​​ Re: Jane Campion, Pocket Essentials, September 2000

“Altogether, anyone interested in exploring Campion’s work might find more factual material, and more judgments to engage with, in Ellen Cheshire’s rather cheaper Pocket Essential Jane Campion.” - Philip Kemp, Times Higher Education Supplement,


Re: James Bond – Licensed to Kill published by Taschen

"The chapter [written by Ellen Cheshire] on Licence to Kill (and in fact the whole saga of Timothy Dalton) makes for fascinating reading. Telling how Dalton’s take on Bond helped to resurrect the character from parody only to fall foul of an undetermined production process and a rapid rethinking of the tone and violence inherent in the stories he led, there is a philosophical touch to the views made in hindsight." - Jon Lyus,


Re: Charlie Chaplin published by Taschen

“There are many riches to explore and re-explore, and this treasure of a book is the perfect companion."  - Trevor Berrett, The Mookse and the Gripe


Price: £9.99

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