Counterculture UK – a celebration

Counterculture UK – a celebration

Publication: Sep 2015
ISBN: 978-0-9566329-6-8
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Extent: 300 pages

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Counterculture UK - a celebration

Ed Rebecca Gillieron and Cheryl RobsonThe first comprehensive exploration of counterculture in the UK – from Asian arts to alternative comedy, from Gay Lib to eco-warriors, from punk to Feminism and much much more... What is Counterculture?

– It’s an alternative lifestyle... – The ideas that spark a revolution... – A movement that changes the world...

This new collection of essays celebrates the incredible originality of British post-war culture. British art, film, theatre, dance, literature and music have attracted international recognition, from the Angry Young Men to the Sex Pistols to Grayson Perry. Now gaming, the internet and social media enable creative communities to flourish and either fight for social justice – or just be entertained. Can we find the creative inspiration to succeed in a post- capitalist future?

Contributors include: Paul Quinn, Bella Qvist, Mark Edward, Tim Burrows, Hayley Foster da Silva, Penny Pepper, Coco Khan, Mark Sheerin, Simon Smith, K. Charlie Oughton, Ben Graham, Jack Bright, Ellen Cheshire, Em Ayson, Tim Garrett and Susan Murray.


‘Informative and entertaining, this provides a whipsmart and affectionate analysis of a subculture that stands at a critical point.’Jonathan Hatfull, SciFi Now Magazine

‘‘Oughton delivers a thorough contemporary investigation into the cult movie-going scene... with the passion and knowledge of a genuine insider...’ Marcus Campbell Sinclair, theatre and film producer

‘‘Susan Murray’s insightful overview of the alternative comedy scene is both informative and illuminating, shining a bright light on one of the UK’s most important cultural movements in the late 20th Century.’Bruce Dessau, British arts critic

1. ART How the Rebels Got Rich by Mark Sheerin, arts journalist and blogger.
2. BLACK AND MINORITY ETHNIC Whose Voice Is It Anyway: Ethnicity and Authenticity in Contemporary British Arts by Coco Khan.
3.COMEDY The Changing Landscape of Comedy by Susan Murray, comedienne and MC for two of east-London’s best comedy clubs.
4. DANCE Anarchy from the Margins and Free Expression by Mark Edward, performance artist and writer.
5. DISABILITY ARTS & ACTIVISM Subversion within the Secluded by Penny Pepper, performance artist and activist.
6. ENVIRONMENTALISM A Way of Life by Paul Quinn, writer and editor.
7. FEMINISM Feminist Activism and its Achievements so Far… by Hayley Forster da Silva, digital broadcaster, F-word contributor, spiritual healer.
8. FILM Beyond the Mainstream by Ellen Cheshire, film writer and lecturer /Subversive Cinema, Cult Film and the rise of Film Fan Communities by K. Charlie Oughton, academic and film writer.
9. GAMING AND INTERNET Online Culture Leaking Off-line by Simon Smith, editor and software technical writer.
10. LGBT CULTURE What’s Wrong with Being a Freak Anyway? by Jack Bright.
11. LITERATURE Underground Publishing: Blast and Bless by Ben Graham, author, music critic and poet.
12. MUSIC Mainstream Counter-cultures: The Ultimate Mix by Em Ayson, freelance writer and cultural commentator
13. NEGATIVE SPACE Subculture in Boom Time London by Tim Burrows, journalist and musician.
14. THEATRE Counter-cultural performances: from the 1960s to Contemporary Physical and Visual Theatre by Dr Tim Garrett, academic and journal editor.
15. YOUTUBE and SOCIAL MEDIA A New Platform by Bella Qvist, journalist and freelance writer.

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Rebecca Gillieron and Cheryl Robson are the founders of Supernova Books - a non-fiction list which explores the arts by looking beyond the mainstream.


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